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Thursday Film room (play along at home version)

23rd       May       2013       -­‐       Quiet       Action
Main       feature       5pm       Sleep       Furiously       -­‐       Directed       by       Gideon       Koppel       (2008)

Hand       catching       lead       -­‐       Created       by       Richard       Serra       (1968)

How       to       build       an       igloo       -­‐       Directed       by       Douglas       Wikinson       (1949)
The       last       shovel       maker       -­‐       Directed       by       Jack       Ofield       (2006)
The       cameraman       has       visited       our       town       -­‐       Directed       by       Tom       Whiteside       (1989)
The       monument       of       big       chief       rolling       mountain       thunder       -­‐       Directed       by       Allie       Light       and       Irving
Saraf       (1983)       http://www.folkstreams.net/pub/FilmPage.php?title=107
Welcome       to       Spiveys       corner:       The       National       Hollering       Contest       -­‐       Directed       by       Kier       Cline       (1978)
The       glass       eye       maker       -­‐       Directed       by       Tomas       Leach       (2010)       http://vimeo.com/8320480
Ernest       Wright       &       Son       Ltd       -­‐       Making       Sheffield       Scissors       -­‐       Directed       by       Paul       Martins       Handmade
Revolution       (2013)

Go       pro       Sheep       shearing       with       Nick       King       (2013)

Stewart       Lee       on       university       funding       and       the       arts       (2010)

Climb       without       ropes       -­‐       Waldo       Etherington       (2013)

3       minute       wonder:       Jeff       Koons       “Three       Ball       Total       Equilibrium       Tank”       -­‐       Directed       by       Mike       Figgis
(2009)       http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YUroYPadQv8
Hannah       Arendt       “Zur       Person”       (full       interview)

Jim       Henson       on       making       puppets


landmark seizures // workshop #3 // saturday 18th may // report

Yesterday was the third Saturday Workshop of Landmark Seizures 2 (Aid &Abet).

With little need for exterior direction the colour of the day was settled as orange.

Herman Hase led conversions with Amy Feneck and DGGNGNTHRTH on community and use before the ghost of Joseph Beuys was summoned. Beuys’ recommendation for pre-death artists was to have sex with as many people as possible in order that they would have a significant mourning party at the time of their passing and have the best chance at fame. A number of thesis on this topic are currently being proposed at universities across the country.

The audio from this discussion is available at Archive.org here 

Video to follow.

Weathering the storm of technology complaints which we have come to see as the reassuring undertone of this entire project, Bad Timing got the Raspberry Pi to hold a stable operating system.

The Film Room Retains an Element of Mystery.

The Soup of the Day was chilli carrot and tomato.

One in every two bottles of “DGGNGNTHRTH N(e)TTL(e) B(e)(e)R” opens with the full force of the coming revolution.

Beatriz completed her installation (an animation is now on its way).

Thank you to everyone involved for making the lunchtime conversation the marathon that it was, and to Amy for proposing the question:

“How do we reclaim artists “usefulness” (from market?) making it a sustainable option for a way of life?”

The audio from this discussion is available on archive.org here.

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friday (self directed) film room

16th       May       2013       -­‐       Underneath
Main       feature       5pm       Haxan       -­‐       Witchcraft       through       the       ages       -­‐       Directed       by       Benjamin       Christensen


Dance       for       a       chicken:       the       Cajun       Mardi       Gras       -­‐       Directed       by       Pat       Mire       (1993)
People       who       take       up       Serpents       -­‐       Directed       by       Gretchen       Robinson,       Stan       Woodward       (1974)
Tales       of       the       Supernatural       -­‐       Directed       by       Sharon       R       Sherman       (1970)
Werner       Herzog       eats       his       shoe       -­‐       Directed       by       Les       Blank       (1980)

Le       Sculpteur       Express       -­‐       Directed       by       Segundo       de       Chomón       (1970)
Mark       Landis       father       philanthropy       -­‐       Directed       by       Terri       Timely       (?)      http://vimeo.com/56921333#

Minatur       Wunderland       -­‐       Director       unknown       (2012)

landmark seizures // workshop #2 // saturday 11th may // report



Yesterday saw the second Saturday workshop of Landmark Seizures. 

Phase 2 of Nicole Bachmann's audio work began, and phase three was recorded live for those that saw it by Gareth Williams at around about 1pm.

Various DGGNGNTHRTH activities continued.

Drawings appeared. 

Also sculptures.

Spinach and Stilton was uneaten due to lack of time or dietary restrictions.

Bad Timing saved the day as Sitting Room University built their Raspberry Pi media hub. 

3pm discussion was foreshadowed by torrential rain as the group discussed the SRU-posed topic "Should art create rational objective knowledge?"
 the full recording is available at archive.org here

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Thursday Film Room

Thursday Film Room

Curated by Becky and Gareth this is a quasi-curated semi-self-service moving image space.
Dialogue and action is built into the programme which is manually played from various media or on-line sites by one of the curators on Thursdays and by the viewer themselves or anyone else who happens to be in the space on Fridays and Saturdays. The programme and delivery is therefore subject to change with both dialogue and deviation being a natural process. The line-up on Friday might be significantly different from that of Thursday, or it might be exactly the same.

Becky and Gareth say this…

“For Landmark Seizures we have collated a three day film screening. Every Thursday the film room will have a “Feature” presentation, played at 5pm, accompanied by a selection of related films throughout the day. “The Enigma of Kasper Hauser”, “Haxan”, and “Sleep Furiously” are incredible, engaging, communicative works of art. As examples of a director using a film to “tell us something” they are first-class.

“The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser” by Werner Herzog is a particularly moving film. The true story of a man who was kept in a cellar for the first 17 years of his life. It asks us what the use is of a human being. Well intended people try to teach Kaspar their logic, philosophy and religion, but Kaspar shows up the limitations of such rationalism.

“Haxan” by Benjamin Christensen is probably one of the craziest films you will ever see. Shot in 1922 it is one of the first horror films. In its essence Haxan is a documentary about Swedish witchcraft and the subjugation of women by the church. Stop-motion, demonic animal costumes, lusty nuns and pervert priests all combine under Christensens` incredible cinematography to make a documentary unlike any other you will ever see. Christensen uses the craft of film making to fantastically transform the truth into a work of art. Literally one of the best films in the world.

Sleep Furiously” by Gideon Koppel follows a year in the life of Trefeurig, a small farming community in Ceredigion. The film is an incredibly touching observation of village life. Possibly one of the least obtrusive, and yet intimate documentaries ever made.”




9th May 2013 – Lifetimes

Main feature 5pm The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser – Directed by Werner Herzog

Andre Rubliev – Directed by Andre Tarkovsky
Possum Trot – The life and work of Calvin Black – Directed by Allie Light,

Irving Saraf Sometimes I Run: Stanley Maupin,

Sidewalk Flusher – Directed by Blaine Dunlap

The London Perambulator Directed by John Rogers

16th May 2013 – Underneath

Main feature 5pm Haxan – Witchcraft through the ages – Directed by Benjamin Christensen (1922)
Dance for a chicken: the Cajun Mardi Gras – Directed by Pat Mire (1993)
People who take up Serpents – Directed by Gretchen Robinson, Stan Woodward (1974)
Tales of the Supernatural – Directed by Sharon R Sherman (1970)
Werner Herzog eats his shoe – Directed by Les Blank (1980)
Le Sculpteur Express – Directed by Segundo de Chomón (1970)
Mark Landis father philanthropy – Directed by Terri Timely (?)
Minatur Wunderland – Director unknown (2012)

23rd May 2013 – Quiet Action

Main feature 5pm Sleep Furiously – Directed by Gideon Koppel (2008)
Hand catching lead – Created by Richard Serra (1968)
How to build an igloo – Directed by Douglas Wikinson (1949)
The last shovel maker – Directed by Jack Ofield (2006)
The cameraman has visited our town – Directed by Tom Whiteside (1989)
The monument of big chief rolling mountain thunder – Directed by Allie Light and Irving Saraf (1983)
Welcome to Spiveys corner: The National Hollering Contest – Directed by Kier Cline (1978)
The glass eye maker – Directed by Tomas Leach (2010)
Ernest Wright & Son Ltd – Making Sheffield Scissors – Directed by Paul Martins Handmade Revolution (2013)
Go pro Sheep shearing with Nick King (2013)
The turning of the kite – New British Art (2010)
Stewart Lee on university funding and the arts (2010)
Climb without ropes – Waldo Etherington (2013)
3 minute wonder: Jeff Koons “Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank” – Directed by Mike Figgis (2009)

Hannah Arendt “Zur Person” (full interview)

landmark seizures // workshop #1 // saturday 4th may // report

Saturday Workshop 3pm discussion group with DGGNGNTHRTH root-soup “Where is the responsibility in collaborative practice?”
image credit: https://twitter.com/ericabohrartist

Yesterday saw workshop #1 of landmark seizures take shape in a beautifully robust manner, not unlike the fabrication of a cob wall or some particularly coarse pumpernickel. Molecular, yet firmly established with some some quite dynamic emergent properties.

The hive mind/body of drone engineers AAS built their sonic isolation/emancipation/integration/interrogation chamber “The Infinite Drone Accumulator” in what must certainly be approaching a record time for any architectural object which features a Buddhist/Turrellian rapture funnel.

Please use it.

Their work continues remotely in the space over the next few weeks as a series of sound pieces culminating in the live performance on Saturday 25th May.

*Please bring ear plugs for that*

We are very pleased to announce the Gareth Williams and Becky Whitmore curated film space which should be up and running from next Thursday delivering an as yet secret programme and significantly more clandestine agenda almost certainly involving witchcraft. Details to follow.

The DGGNGNTHRTH loom is in place. Please use it.

The DGGNGNTHRTH jobs board and thought parking area is in place. Please use them.

Thank you very much to the Aid&Abet directors and associates, various artists and members of the public for taking part in the first Saturday Workshop 3pm Discussion Group on the question “where is the responsibility in collaborative practice?” *Audio to follow.*

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Next weeks schedule to follow shortly, in the meanwhile Twitter hashtag #landmarkseizures contains more material from yesterday and will continue to be updated.