closing party


The final day of the project which is not a resolution, but perhaps the point of highest density.



Still living objects, relics and records remain in the space and various actions take place throughout the day including 3PM Discussion Group, various readings and performances and AAS opening the closing event with the performance of:



The Infinite Drone Accumulator


at around 7:00pm.



Also includes:


AAS Group


Aid & Abet


Bad Timing


Nicole Bachmann




Caitlin Doherty


Dolly Dollycore


Frances Donnelly


Amy Feneck


Footprint Workers Co-Op


David Wayne Kasper


Soloman Lamb


Beatriz Olabarrieta


Gino Saccone


The Sitting Room University


Matthew J Spokes


Verity Spott


Bea Turner


Gareth Williams


Becky Whitmore




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