Whitmore, Becky

Whitmore, Becky

Becky Whitmore graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) in 2006, recently completing a MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art (RCA). Between finishing her BA and starting her MA she lived and worked in Cardiff. Highlights for her include working in the Koda Press Studio in Grangetown where she was one of the formative members of New British Art. In 2009 the group was shortlisted to represent Wales at the 54th Venice Biennale. The group exists to provide opportunities for collaborations between individual artists in order to enable the creation of large scale and ambitious artworks that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. New British Art collective is now based near Carmarthen and Becky is still an active member of the group.
In her own practice she seeks out and remakes abandoned, forgotten and discrete objects. The things that fascinate her are often in a state of flux or suspension, understated or taken for granted in their previous lives. Her works rest on a historical base but are very much of the imagination; mixing timelines, the natural and artificial, using both traditional and modern materials. The work brings anachronistic sources and materials together to make work that is firmly rooted in the language of sculpture.
Her sculptures are created with a delicate and highly involved engagement with the stuff they are made from, exploring the power and status of objects, materials and skill.
Although she works in a wide variety of materials bronze has always been at the heart of her practice, her particular interest lies in the social significance of this material and its contemporary context and relevance. Since finishing her MA she has helped organise and delivered a paper at METAFLUX; a 2-day symposium held in conjunction with the Bronze exhibition at the Royal Academy, London.

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