Bachmann, Nicole

Bachmann, Nicole

Nicole Bachmann’s work is text-based and manifests in different configurations as moments in an ongoing process.The multi-channel audio installations feature intertwining spoken word and direct the listener/ audience, so that they become the actor, playing out the work while at the same time remaining outside of it. In doing so, the distinction between the audience and the artwork as the object to be consumed is blurred and constantly swapped around. Bachmann completed her MFA at Goldsmiths College London in 2010. Her recent shows include “Disappearing into One” at the Zabludowicz Collection and  “Words to be spoken aloud” at Turner Contemporary in 2013, “Ha, around the corner” a solo show at Perla Mode, Zurich and performances  with “Performance as Publishing” at the South London Gallery in 2011, and Kunsthalle Basel in January 2012. In 2008 she won the Prix National and had a solo presentation at the Young Art Fair, Liste Basel. She also publishes the fanzine series “Me and My Friends” which she presented at “The New York Art Book Fair” in 2010. 



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